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Season opening

The season 2015 is just at the corner, the school will start operating in 15 of April and there is a list of students waiting to start the season. Lessons for this year is again at Paramali beach but this year we have a surprise for you. Come down at the beach when you are ready, this year we have new kites, new boards, new everything.

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PKRA Morocco 2015

The first event of the World Tour 2015 will be held in the mystical kiteboarding paradise of Dakhla, Morocco. The host venue will be the Dakhla Attitude Hotel as in the previous years of the PKRA World Tour. It will all start with the official wave and freestyle qualification event, March 18-22, followed by the Freestyle, Big Air and Wave official competition March 23-29. The Freestyle, the Freestyle qualification event, and the Big Air competition will be held at the Dakhla Attitude Hotel Lagoon, known for its steady strong winds and flat water, which make it a pristine freestyle location. In addition Dakhla will offer the wave qualification and main event at the Foum Labouir wave spot, known for its long perfect right hand brake. The wave event, has the advantage that during this time of the year the probability of getting good waves and wind are extremely high. 2014 saw great conditions throughout the competition.

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